Intradiscal Microtherapy with DiscoGel®

can be treated with a minimally-invasive procedure using DiscoGel®.

DiscoGel® modifies the core of the intervertebral disc in such

a way that the disc herniation resolves. The treatment is carried

out under local anaesthesia.

DiscoGel® is introduced through a fine needle

into the intervertebral

disc without the need to open up the spinal canal.

The micro-therapy is carried out under the precise guidance

afforded by computed tomography. There is no scar formation.



The procedure takes between 20 and 30 minutes.

Afterwards, the patient can go home. A hospital stay

and postoperative physiotherapy are not necessary.

Good to very good results are achieved in over 90 % in patients

with simple, acute disc herniations, in more complicated cases

in 80 to 85 %

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